Create If Community Membership

Join the Create If Community! As a member, you get all the perks. Including:

  • unlimited access to all paid course materials
  • unlimited access to all Create If Writing workshop replays
  • private content created just for members
  • private community
  • monthly hot seat coaching calls
  • weekly office hours
  • zero to launch outline for your products

You will benefit not just from the extra (and valuable) content, but also from what will be more like a group coaching atmosphere. If you have been a part of the free Facebook group, you know the kind of community that I value and foster.

Yeah, but what will membership DO for you?

I want to help you move from your point A to your point B. And then point C and D and all the way down the line. There will be learning. Accountability. And the excitement that comes from doing it alongside other people. This is not just about tools. Not just about resources. It’s about support. Community.

Sound like the kick in the pants you need? Well, let’s get to it!

You have two options:

  • Monthly ($20/month)
  • Annual ($180/year, which breaks down to $15/month)

Frequently Asked Questions

What if the membership doesn’t work for me?

Shoot me an email at any time to stop your membership! I DO want to know why or how I could have met your needs better, but I do understand that not every program is for every person. If you chose the monthly plan, the recurring payments will cease. If you chose the annual plan, I will refund the months left on your plan. Within the first 30 days, you may receive a full refund.

How do I access the material?

After purchase, all the unlocked content on the site will be available to you under the Member Dashboard page. You’ll find access to the video content, the courses, and the Facebook group. You’ll receive an email with the information, but you can always head to the Member Dashboard to update your profile and log in. If you have any questions about this, again– shoot me an email.

What’s different about this vs other memberships?

If you aren’t already familiar with my training style, you can take the first modules of The Foundation Series and Own Your List to get a feel for how I match up with your style. Each membership site takes on the vibe of the creator. I’m passionate about helping people build income streams that fit their personality, their goals, and their audience—without being smarmy and without taking over your whole life. Even if you’re working full time at this, I always want to encourage people to live their REAL life.

The other big difference in my membership is the group coaching aspect. This community is my #1 focus. That means you guys get more of my time, more of my knowledge, and more of my heart poured into the trainings and the coaching I provide. I see this as being more of an active community than just a learning site. My commitment is to be PRESENT in it. I’m not going to pay a VA to do the job for me (though I’ll likely have help). I’ll be there. Personally. I want to see YOU succeed. That’s what drives me on and I think what makes this program distinct from many of the others out there.

What materials are currently included? 

You’ll receive access to the Foundation Series (a four-part mini-course on applying your why to your blog, images, email list, and social media) and Own Your List (my signature course on email lists, A to Z). There is a constantly updating library with 30 training videos.