Ever failed to keep a resolution? 

Sometimes I feel like resolutions are MADE to be broken. Like they set you up to fail. I’m always excited to have a fresh start, but these resolutions and goals soon turn into guilt-inducing memories of things I wish I had gotten done. And because I fail that first month, it affects the whole start to my year.


How about this year we kickstart January with bite-sized, actionable goals for our blog and business? Let’s get some things DONE!

Join me January 2- 6 for five days of mini-workshops and quick wins! I will be going live in my Facebook community for these free workshops to help motivate and get you moving. Plus five Quick Win Worksheets so each day you can accomplish ONE simple but important task.

REGISTER NOW and receive your free 75-page Strategy Guide and Blog Planner that will help with everything from your email list to your social media to where to invest your money this year.

This week will help kickstart your year in the right way with intention and focus. Then you can take the planner and look at the big picture to make your goals a reality.

Want to know more? Check out this video from me, keeping it real about why starting resolutions RIGHT AFTER THE HOLIDAYS is so hard!