EMAIL – Creating Autoresponder Courses

This is video 3 from the Email Lists Module in Creative Profitability with Angela England.
One great way to grow your list, show your expertise, and also have an automated sales funnel for your list is create an autoresponder series.

Depending on your provider, this may have a different name. In ConvertKit, these are called sequences. In Mailchimp, autoresponders. In Mad Mimi, drip campaigns. Whatever name they fall under, autoresponders are a series of emails that are send automatically when someone signs up for a particular list. You choose the content, how often it gets sent out, and how people sign up.

I love the way that ConvertKit handles autoresponder series by calling them courses. Giving it this name helps you realize the potential of what you can DO with this kind of series. I’m including this video, which is a live training that I did with Matt of ConvertKit. Not only does it give you a glimpse into ConvertKit and why it’s so awesome, but it also walks you through how they intend for it to be used for courses. (If you want to sign up with ConvertKit, here is a link to my affiliate sign-up.)

Notes: Ignore the fact that he mispronounces my name throughout. Also, his page crashed as we were starting, so we reference that. (One more reason to brush up on that webinar tech, right?) I also was not able to edit as this was recorded at their end. The real meat starts at 3 minutes.

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