The Foundation Series

Have you ever heard that a building is only as strong as its foundation?

The same is true with your online brand. We think sometimes that our blog may be the foundation of our online business. Or our books. Or our podcast. Or our Instagram account.


Your foundation is your WHY. It is the reason that you are doing what you do online. Usually you don’t have just one why, but a primary reason and a secondary.

Your brand and online presence will only be as strong as your WHY.

Your blog and your brand are only as strong as your foundation. Learn to apply your why to your blog, email list, social media, and images.

The Foundation Series will walk you through how to identify your WHY(s) and what it looks like in a practical way to apply that WHY to your blog, your email list, your images, and your social media presence. It will help you determine everything from whether or not you need sidebars on your blog to which social platforms you should be utilizing.

If you are just starting out, this course will help you start strong! But The Foundation Series is NOT simply for beginners. If you have been building a brand for years and have a successful blog or many book sales, but still sometimes struggle with pulling everything together, this course will help you be intentional and consistent.

The great thing? Knowing your why will help make all of your other decisions easier. If a brand reaches out to you with an opportunity, you can measure that against your why. When it comes to choosing a new theme for your blog, your why can help.

Do you have a strong foundation? Would you like to create a stronger, more effective brand to reach your goals?

Let The Foundation Series help guide you through the process of building a strong online brand from the bottom up.


If you just started your blog, this will help you make fewer mistakes along the way. It will help you begin with the end in mind. You’ll start your blogging journey thinking about the long game, not the short run.

But if you’ve been blogging and know it’s time for a change, the Foundation Series will also be an asset. It will help you stand back a few paces and look at what you’ve built. Maybe you need tweaks or maybe a brand overhaul. Defining your WHY clearly will give you the lens you need to make these changes and get more from your efforts.

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