This does NOT look like a sales page. I hope it doesn’t exactly read like one either.

You see, I CAN make the typical, long, gorgeous sales page. I have Leadpages, which makes sales pages easy. I know all the studies showing why a long page is best and what exactly you should do on a sales page. But I’m the person who scrolls to the bottom of the page to see the price. (Spoiler alert: Own Your List is $197!) I don’t like a lot of fluff. So instead of the typical sales page, I’m going to be un-fluffy.

The benefit is this: you are getting to know me and how I operate. In fact, you may already be getting the sense of whether or not you want to buy this course. Let’s get down to business.

The Story

I have a master’s degree in Fiction. I always thought I would get my degree and start cranking out novels.

Instead, I started cranking out kids. (Five now, to be exact.) Novel-writing moved to the back burner and I began to blog ten years ago. It grew from something that was an online diary to something that actually had traffic. I started monetizing and intentionally growing. I finally hit the milestone of 100,000 pageviews in a month, which was my magic number.

I have arrived! (So I thought.)

Then Pinterest changed an algorithm and the next month my traffic dropped by over 50%.

That was the moment that I started really focusing on my email list. I wanted a direct tie to my people. I wanted something that felt more personal. Something more permanent. If people didn’t see my writing, it would be because they didn’t open, not because of an algorithm.

When I started the Create If Writing podcast and blog, I had my new list-growth mindset front and center. This new site has a fraction of the traffic of my old blog. About 15% to be exact.

But my email list is more than double the size. I have continued to grow and work on my list and develop relationships with my audience that have changed EVERYTHING. And I now have income streams that are NOT TIED TO TRAFFIC AND PAGEVIEWS.

It sure feels nice!

I want to help you cultivate a list-growth mindset. I want to see you move away from being dependent on pageviews and algorithms. Your list is all about YOUR hard work and YOUR relationships with your fans. Your email list is lasting. It’s more intimate.

It is SO MUCH more powerful. I can’t wait to show you how you can utilize and optimize your email list!

The Course

Own Your List is an A to Z email course. You will not simply learn to grow. You won’t learn about only one email service provider.

You’ll learn how you can segment and target your list for better results. Last week, using targeting, I sent an email to five hundred people and made $400 with one email. Earlier this year I targeted just under 200 people and made $600 in an afternoon.

You’ll learn how to write sales copy that doesn’t feel gross, but feels like YOU. I’ll share how I developed my own style of copy, one that motivates the right people to buy. (And even sometimes has people who weren’t a great fit for the offer responding to tell me they loved reading the email, even though it was a sales email.)

You’ll learn how to create lasting relationships with real fans. I can name a few people who have been reading my emails for YEARS. They started replying every week to my emails (because I ask for replies) and now are customers and lifelong fans.

The Nuts and Bolts

Own Your List is five modules with a 50+ page course guide that you can print or fill out digitally. You’ll have just over 20 videos, all around 10-20 minutes, mostly slides. The videos all have an MP3 you can download to listen if that works better for you. There is a Facebook group to ask questions or talk to other members (and me!).

If you binge, you could MAYBE finish in a weekend. If you’re doing a little a day, maybe three to four weeks. THEN comes the work of implementing, unless you’re doing that along the way. I’ll send a weekly email for five weeks, reminding you to head into the course to get your money’s worth.

The cost is $197. 

For some of you used to something like Udemy, this sounds like a lot. To others of you used to entrepreneurs and their courses (all ending in 7s), this sounds cheap.

I’ve chosen a price that I personally feel good about. This course is great for people just getting started as well as people who have a list but haven’t harnessed its power. Having taken other courses, I think it could be priced higher. But I LOVE this price and think it is the perfect fit to get the right person (that’s YOU) in the door.

Need to know more? You can watch the welcome video and the first video of Module 1 for free below. The cart closes on February 7th at 11:59pm. I hope to see you in the course! Questions? Shoot me an email:

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Course + Coaching


If you want a more hands-on experience, you can add a 30-minute coaching call with me where I will answer your specific questions and give feedback on your opt-in process, your freebie, your content, and anything email related. (This is a $50 savings from my normal email coaching!)

Two Payments

per month for 2 months