I am beyond thrilled to tell you about something super new that I’m thrilled about. I’ve been planning (in my head) for months and building for more months. Welcome to my newest project:

The Create If Community Membership!!


What is the membership?

If you’ve heard of or been a part of membership sites, at their core they are a membership with varying benefits that you pay for monthly. The Create If Community Membership is more than just content on a site, but will include a community and a group coaching mentality.

What does the membership include?

  • access to all courses I have created or will create (currently: Own Your List & The Foundation Series)
  • access to a video library with replays of live trainings, exclusive trainings, and interviews
  • a private Facebook group that I will be involved in daily
  • monthly Q&As, office hours, and hot seats featuring YOU
  • an optional guided pan twice a year to take you from planning to launch for your project

Who should join?

Membership isn’t for everyone. MY membership isn’t for everyone. If you know me and my style, you already have a sense of whether this will be a good fit. This membership will push you to meet goals and equip you to meet them.

If you want a kick in the pants, some direction, and tools to move forward with your books, blog, or biz, THIS IS FOR YOU. It will not be simple content that you can pick and choose. (Though you have the option to just enjoy the trainings & video library.) This will be an active and engaging community helping you achieve your goals.

What’s the cost?

For YOU? The lowest price ever, which will be grandfathered in. As in, this will not go up for you, though I plan to launch higher. No matter what the price moves to, you will lock this price in as long as you stay. I’ll launch in January fully at $20/month or $180 a year (which makes it $15/month).

YOUR PRICE: $14/month or $126/year

I’m keeping this price open through November 10th. Yep– that’s ONE week! In January, I’ll do a full launch at the full price and we’ll start the first 6-month Launch mode for members who want to participate.



Use the code “BETA” (no quotes) to get your beta beta price!