Create If Courses is the membership and training site for Create If Writing. I have a passion for teaching and love helping people move from point A to point B. Or even point F.

Can I give you a hand with something? These courses and membership site are all about YOU. Learning what YOU need to grow your platform for your blog, your books, or your creative business.


foundation-series-featured-updatedThe Foundation Series – A four-part mini course with hour-long workshops, you’ll learn how to apply your why to your blog, your social media, your images, and your email list. This is not just a course for beginners! This is the course to help you find yourself again. It will bring clarity and cohesion to your brand as a whole.

own-your-list-square-featureOwn Your List – [full update coming soon!] A six-module course on email, this will help you get your list completely in order from A to Z. Everything email. You’ll learn to grow your list, set up your forms, choose the right provider, plan your content strategy, and make money in a non-smarmy way from your superfans.



What is a membership site? Think of it like this: exclusive content, exclusive access to me, and exclusive membership to a group of fabulous people who, like YOU, want to achieve some Big Dreams.

The membership includes:

-ALL courses (currently The Foundation Series & Own Your List)

-A full content library (currently 20+ videos and training workshops)

-A private community

-Monthly Q&As and group calls


150-headshotHey! I’m Kirsten (rhymes with BEER-sten), a writer with an MFA in Fiction and a blogger of ten or so years. I was named one of the top 25 Houston Social Media Power Influencers of 2016 and have spoken at conferences and events including: Houston Social Media Day, Blog Elevated, Business Advancement Conference, Houston Social Media Breakfast, and BlogHer Food.

I’m passionate about making platform-building FUN. Because it’s really about connecting with your ideal audience. Sound good? Perfect. Let’s grow together!